Writing & Poetry

When Pattie writes the occasional poem or article, he addresses subjects ranging from fundraising and development to the arts and religion.

In poetry, Pattie has been published in numerous magazines and journals.  He is the author of For Fathers of Sons, a collection of poetry published by C.R. Gibson/Thomas Nelson.  The book enjoys a wide distribution and is still available through various book outlets across the country. He recently completed a collection of poems, Delicious Beauty.  

Among other projects in recent years, he put his theological education to use when invited to be among 30 scholars contributing articles for The Everyday Study Bible (Word).  He was asked to write articles on such subjects as “Integrity,” “Vision,” and “Commitment” – theological essays addressing these and other important matters of living.  Ordained to Create: The Self-Taught Art of Southern Preachers, Prophets, and Visionaries is a catalogue he wrote that accompanied an exhibit of the same name that toured the United States and Canada for five years.  He recently served as resource on American Self-Taught Art: An Illustrated Analysis of 20th Century Artists and Trends (MacFarlane), and has contributed articles for a new reference work, The History of Northern Kentucky (University of Northern Kentucky Press).  Most recently published in Seen was his article “Telling the Story” which features his perspectives on collecting.   Other projects are in process.



Steven in what he calls his “Nest”

“(His poetry about his children) is so exquisitely crafted that one can scarcely tell where the voice of the child becomes the language of the man.”

-Ray Anderson

What People Say About Steven Pattie’s Writing

“Wow! Powerful, sensitive, emotive . . . a captivating and highly reflective writer.”

Publishers Review

“Steven Pattie’s poetry falls gently on my heart – I love it. These are precious, wondrous gifts. I feel them as if they were a blend of Robert Frost, Carl Sandberg, Garrison Keillor, and Norman Rockwell – only different, and in some ways more wonderful than any of them.”

Lewis Smedes, best-selling author of more than 15 books including the New York Times best-seller Forgive and Forget.

“… lyrically intelligent, (his) words the reflective sighs of an illumined man.”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Legendary Beat Generation Publisher, Poet, Painter, and Social Activist on Pattie’s book For Fathers of Sons.  Pattie has known Ferlinghetti for over 25 years, has enjoyed the privilege of painting with him in his Hunter’s Point studio south of San Francisco.  He is also a collector of his paintings and his writing.

“A rare display of poetic insight. This artful collection of impressionistic verse in For Fathers of Sons is so exquisitely crafted that one can scarcely tell where the voice of the child becomes the language of the man.”

Ray S. Anderson, Theologian and author of more than 20 best-selling books and commenting on For Fathers of Sons.