His first venture into film, Pattie is Executive Producer and Program Creator of a major documentary about the artist Howard Finster entitled I Can Feel Another Planet in My Soul.  Produced in collaboration with Co-Directors and Producers David and Susan Fetcho, Howard Finster is considered by scholars, curators, and historians of art to be among the most important self-taught artists of the 20th century.   Pattie, who enjoyed a long-term relationship with Finster, is a major collector of his work, and considers Finster an important influence on his work as an artist with respect to visual and environmental art.

Finster’s journey happened to accelerate in the 1980’s alongside “sympathetic developments in art … graffiti art, ‘fun’ and ‘Wild Style’ painting, punk rock, the ‘new figuration’ (and) ‘Neo-Expressionism,” as noted by art critic Tom Patterson.  Potent, driven, and unrestrained, this self-described “stranger from another world” is the creator of verbal, visual, sculptural, and environmental art, an unparalled tour de force. Astonishingly, he created more than 47,000 works of art over a 26-year period – the largest known body of original art ever created by a single person.  His work encompasses a wide range of media – painting and printmaking, sculpture, language art, environmental art, and mixed media works of his own invention.

The making of the movie has generated significant attention.  Filming, done on location in New York City, Atlanta, and San Francisco, includes the last full interview with Finster filmed by Pattie and the Fetchos only three months before he died.  Incorporating new and vintage footage of the artist, the movie features a variety of people commenting on Finster’s significance within both the American and international art scenes.  It features numerous experts from among museums, galleries, and academia.  Also featured are celebrities who discuss Finster’s impact on their lives and creative work.  These include Mike Mills of R.E.M., fashion designer Todd Oldham, Mark Kostabi, and many more.


Steven Pattie in Chicago

Pattie in Chicago for unveiling of new Howard Finster exhibit, a lecture, and to be present for the premier of his movie “I Can Feel Another Planet in my Soul” at the Chicago Cultural Center.

The film’s commitment is to faithfully present “the world according to Howard,” a universe that was at once unpredictable, humorous, passionate, mysterious, and often prophetic.  This is a briskly paced and thoughtful portrait of the man considered by many to be the senior statesman of self-taught art and among the most important contemporary artists of the late 20th century.

What People Say About Steven Pattie, David Fetcho, and Susan English Fetcho and their Film I Can Feel Another Planet in my Soul

“What great good fortune that Steven Pattie, David Fetcho, and Susan Fetcho have the commitment and the passion to dig into archives and collections, and to record the perspectives of people who know his genius best. This is a major and important film that promises to tell the amazing story of this American icon for the enduring benefit of us all. Surely there will never be better or more committed filmmakers equal to the task.”

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, Founder and Director, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland (designated by an act of the United States Congress America’s National Museum for Self-Taught Art)

“Howard Finster is the most important folk artist of modern times. David Fetcho, Susan English Fetcho, and Steven Pattie are producing a fantastic film about a remarkable man . . . a worthy contribution to the history of Finster's extraordinary life and art.”

Ann F. Oppenhimer, President, Folk Art Society of America, Richmond, Virginia

“The emotional response to the version of the film I saw, both on the part of long-time Finster fans and those exposed for the first time, was quite moving. This is clearly a film of extraterrestrial vision and hope that deserves a broad audience in these dark and terrifying times.”

Norman Girardot, Ph.D. | University Distinguished Professor of Comparative Religions | Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“Steven Pattie and David and Susan Fetcho are the right people with both the fervor and compassion to bring to life this remarkable and important story.”

Dr. Jim Arient (and wife Beth and son Matt), are among the leading collectors of Finster’s work in the country and widely acknowledged authorities on his life and work.