2003-2004 CIVA SEEN Newsletter

The Man from Paradise – by Steven Pattie

Ordained to Create: The Self-Taught Art of Southern Preachers, Prophets and Visionaries.

Sage and Steven Pattie have assembled one of the largest collections of contemporary self-taught art in the United States. This exhibit presents artists with strong Christian convictions that express their passion through visual art. Featuring artists discussed in the accompanying article, an exhibit of over 40 major works will be presented.


Interview with Steven Pattie

The Examiner Interview

Extensive interview with Steven when in Chicago for the debut of his film about Howard Finster at the Chicago Cultural Center, and discussion about his journey as an artist.

Ordained to Create

Catalogue and Essay “Unfettered and Unfiltered” – by Steven Pattie

At the forefront of some of the most exciting self- taught art on the American scene are religious visionaries, preachers and prophets. Fueled by an unwavering sense of mission, these artists are brimming with passion for their God and pushing the boundaries of art as they color outside the lines.

Ridley-Tree Museum of Art at Westmont College

Walking in the Spirit: American Visionary Artists – by Steven Pattie

An article by Steven about how impassioned self-taught artists are frequently at the forefront of the most engaging and challenging contemporary art being produced.


Telling the Story – by Steven Pattie

A very personal article about how Steven got into collecting, and the meaning of it.

South Valley

The Voice of Art – by Debra Eskinazi

Artwork provided courtesy of Steven Pattie.

Steven is among the largest collectors on the West Coast of African-American self-taught art from the Deep South, and is interviewed for this article in South Valley about certain works from his collection being represented in the exhibit for Black History Month, one of his pieces featured on the cover.

South Valley

An Homage to the Land

Gilroy artist Steven Pattie is showcasing his works in a solo exhibition called “Living in Still Motion: The Art of Steven Pattie” at the Gilroy Center for the Arts.


The Authentic Accidental Artist – by Steven Pattie

An article by Steven about how the work of Howard Finster has defined and challenged the art world to rethink aesthetic conventions as defined by an occidental tradition.

Art Calendar

Moving Beyond “Insider” vs “Outsider” Art – by Steven Pattie

To talk about “outsider” or “insider” art is really to ask the wrong question.  We need a new paradigm.

Radix Magazine

The Artist as Painter, Poet, Leader  – by Steven Pattie

An earlier article by Steven about how his activities as an artist, writer, and even his work in leadership, are all rooted in his calling as a man with a desire to give shape and substance to a way of seeing.

Radix Magazine

Art Made with Passion  – by Steven Pattie

At the forefront of some of the most exciting self-taught art on the contemporary art scene are passionate Christian people who, neither trained or art-school careerists, are answering God’s call to produce their own idiosyncratic “sacred art” – and often late in life.

Visions Magazine

10th Anniversary Issue (Vol. 11) on Race | Class | Gender, pg 16-17

Cover photo credit: Ron Gordon Photography.

Featuring artwork from the Steven Pattie/Redwood Retreat Gallery Collection.

American Visionary Art Museum